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City Germersheim

In hardly any other German city of comparable size do so many people of different languages ​​and cultures live peacefully together and side by side as in Germersheim. Here you feel good together and understand each other.

Therefore, it is not surprising that in the "City of Languages" with its approximately 22,000 inhabitants, a very special sense of life and an almost Mediterranean flair noticeable, which is expressed on the one hand by lively bustle and sparkling zest for life, but on the other hand reflected in serene relaxed serenity.

If you walk through the streets and shops or look at the beautiful squares of the city, you will find people everywhere who linger for a few moments, have a chat and still have a little time for each other despite all the busyness.
In Germersheim one cultivates the sociable coexistence and the tradition, in the association, with the sport, in the community or in the cultural activities.

Also, the enjoyment is not neglected here and so you like to meet for a chat or a cup of coffee in one of the many bistros, cafes, restaurants or beer gardens in the city. Just a good feeling to be here.


From classical drama to cabaret, boulevard comedy and chamber music evenings, the events offered by the municipal cultural department in the modern town hall in Germersheim alone are enough. In addition to the city's diverse theater and concert offer and the Municipal Music School and Music Academy, the clubs, faculty and students of the university, schools and churches as well as a whole host of private initiatives shape, shape and liven up the cultural life of the city. The colorful palette is supplemented by children's and youth events as well as exhibitions and lecture series. In addition to the town hall, the historic Civic Hall in the Stadthaus, the Tulla Hall in the Sondernheim district, as well as the cultural and youth center in the "Horseshoe", in the old fortress of Fronte Beckers, which are popular with artists and guests, are available as venues and performance venues.

Cultural highlights include the biennial fortress festival, the meanwhile also nationally known and popular cultural summer and the Germersheim cultural and museum night, which usually takes place on the first Friday in November.

Region South Palatinate

Between the Rhine and the vines, this is best described by the Südpfalz. In the midst of a picturesque river landscape, untouched meadows, forests and vineyards, you can experience nature and extraordinary leisure activities as well as exciting destinations in great variety. The South Palatinate is not only an oasis of relaxation - there is also much to discover in the most beautiful landscapes of the South Palatinate.

In the east, our landscape is dominated by the Rhine, the "Altrheinarme" and the Rhine meadows, in the south invites the Bienwald with its open pastures to linger and in the west, the vineyards and the Palatinate Forest to the South Palatinate. So it is not surprising that a day in the South Palatinate nature quickly becomes an experience.


Picture: Stadt Germersheim