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The municipality Illingen with its picturesque district Schützingen lies in a lovely landscape on the southern flank of the Stromberg on the edge of the Northern Black Forest. More than 36 kilometers of well-maintained hiking trails and numerous cycle paths make Illingen a popular recreational area and invite you to discover the beautiful Stromberg landscape. The idyllic monastery lakes with barbecue area and forest playground invite you to linger. The sporting and cultural offer of the municipality is extremely rich and varied. The more than 50 associations, organizations and associations in the community, but also numerous private institutions prove their strength in various events and make a significant contribution to the diverse, cultural, sporting and social life of the community.

The municipality of Illingen has two church and four municipal day care centers with different concepts, forms of care and opening times. In addition, a comprehensive core time care with full-day offer from the community as well as the care of children on day mothers Enztal e.V. is offered. The central community school Illingen - Maulbronn as well as the elementary school Schützingen lay the foundation stone for the attendance of secondary educational institutions and offer excellent possibilities for a successful start into the professional life.

The shopping possibilities in Illingen as well as the number and variety of the business enterprises are above average good. Illingen has various business parks and is conveniently located just off the main roads B10 and B35.

In addition, Illingen has its own train station on the Karlsruhe-Stuttgart and Heidelber-Stuttgart railway lines, ensuring optimal commuter and long-distance travel. In order to take off the times outside of the bus and train connections, the offer was extended by a call collection taxi, so that the transport between Illingen and Schützingen is guaranteed at almost any time.

The municipality of Illingen is located 30 kilometers northwest of Stuttgart, between Vaihingen / Enz in the southeast and Mühlacker in the west. The landscape is characterized by the change of valleys with grassland and orchards, wooded hills and vineyards.

The municipality is crossed by the Schmie, the Sulzbach and the Erbbach. The district Schützingen flow through the Metter and the Streitenbach.

46.4 percent of the 29.36-square-kilometer municipal district is forested, 39.2 percent is agricultural land, 7.0 percent are buildings or open spaces and 5.5 percent are traffic areas.

Region Kraichgau-Stromberg

Between the Rhine and Neckar gently embedded in sunny, friendly meadows and forests it lies: the "land of the 1000 hills".

The "land of 1000 hills" is a perfect region for viticulture. Top wines are growing here: from Trollinger to Lemberger and Schwarzriesling to a delicious Pinot Noir from Steinsberg - a wine wonderland for gourmets. In the inns and Besenwirtschaften there are the appropriate regional dishes. Vesperteller with homemade farmhouse bread, roast beef and for example Maultaschen - which have their origin as "Herrgottsbscheißerle" allegedly in the monastery Maulbronn. For hikers and active it is not only worthwhile to hike this wine region or to "experience" on two wheels but also the Badische Weinstraße and Württembergische Weinstraße are popular attractions.