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City Kirchheim/Teck

Historically shaped - modern designed. The town of Kirchheim unter Teck impresses by its diversity.

The half-timbered town Kirchheim unter Teck is a market town, city of the glider pilots and the living center of the region around the castle Teck. A stroll through the idyllic lanes and streets leads to cultural institutions, diverse gastronomy and the "Lädle next door". As a former land fortress and with a great market tradition, Kirchheim unter Teck has always welcomed many guests from near and far. This warmth and hospitality lives on today.

The historic old town is worth seeing from every angle. Martin's Church, castle, town hall, bastion and many other sights tell the story of Kirchheim unter Teck. Even more history can be found in the city's museums.


"Why should families choose Kirchheim unter Teck as the place they want to live in the future?"
The answer is simple: Because it is a good place to live here - because you feel comfortable in Kirchheim - because the conditions are right. With the family report, it is now clear that Kirchheim unter Teck is family-friendly. Several hundred families were questioned about this, numerous Kirchheim institutions visited and a multitude of conversations took place. In the next few years, it will be necessary to maintain the level and refill where the conditions for families are still in need of improvement.

The family report, which contains a detailed inventory of the situation and needs of families in Kirchheim, as well as a large number of recommended actions for the coming years, serves as a guideline, together with the other social and specialist planning. The fact that the families and Kirchheimer institutions certify such a good result is essentially due to the cooperation of associations, organizations and institutions, a lot of civic engagement and urban efforts.

Gastronomy and events

The gastronomic variety invites you to enjoy: Whether regional Swabian specialties or international delicacies, for (almost) every taste there is the right offer. In the streets it smells of fresh pretzels. After the market visit you can enjoy a cappuccino in the street cafes or a Swabian "Dätscher" in the beer garden. The citizens of Kirchheim know how to celebrate. The hustle and bustle awaits visitors at the Märzen and Gallus markets. At the Haft-ond Hokafescht, the Christmas market and many other highlights, the city shows its most hospitable side. Over the course of a year, Kirchheim unter Teck also offers the most varied festivals and events - there is something for (almost) every taste.


Kirchheim unter Teck offers its citizens and visitors a rich cultural offer and many opportunities for cultural leisure activities. Theater, concerts, exhibitions or readings in the Stadthalle, the museums, the public library or the municipal gallery are examples of the diverse cultural events in our city.

District Esslingen

The district of Esslingen, with its great diversity in landscape and cultural history, is one of the most attractive areas in the Stuttgart region. From A like Aichtal to W like Wolfschlugen, the district Esslingen offers sights, local specialties and traditional festivals. Many of these attractions are well-known and widely visited destinations. Due to the diverse offer, the discovery of the district Esslingen becomes an event for the whole family.
Cycling, hiking, cross-country skiing, Romans and Celts, caves or nature trails, Biosphere Reserve or Geopark, what are you going to do?

Through the historic Kirchheim unter Teck out into the foothills of the Alb. Directly on the outskirts of the city, you can experience technology in a traditional and modern way on the Hahnweide glider area and literally "immerse" yourself in the landscape in the Bürgersee lakes. Learn by bike the rolling hills of the foothills of the Alb or walk through the orchards. From many places the unique panorama on the Albtrauf can be experienced.

Kirchheim unter Teck is conveniently located on the BAB 8, near the Neckar port Plochingen and is directly connected to the S-Bahn network of the Stuttgart metropolitan area.

Picture: Stadt Kirchheim/Teck