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City Saarlouis

Saarlouis, the city of pure joie de vivre, offers its citizens and visitors a wide range of leisure activities. In addition, Saarlouis offers a variety of facilities, childcare and offers for families, children and seniors.




Sports are ranked first in Saarlouis in the ranking of leisure activities. The special status that sports enjoy in Saarlouis among the population and administration manifests itself in many different ways.


With two museums, a city library, the community college and a theater in which more than 60 event dates are offered per year, the city of Saarlouis has an extraordinarily diverse cultural offer.

City portrait

A basic overview of the district and European city of Saarlouis is provided by the Stadtportrait - Saarlouis at a glance. On 68 pages, the brochure provides information on facts and figures, the history and present of the city, economy, culture, tourism, town twinning, social issues and provides an overview of numerous contacts from various fields. With this basic information, the portrait complements the city magazine "XIV - Vierzehn", in which current topics are presented twice a year and which is also available online on these pages.

District Saarlouis

Bienvenue, Welcome - there are many ways to welcome your guests. We say "Bonjour" to you, suggesting that there is a whole lot here: the French charm, often referred to as "savoir vivre".

Right in the middle of it all is the district town of Saarlouis, founded as an important fortress town in 1680 by the architect Louis XIV, the famous Sebastien de Pretre de Vauban. The charming mix of historic casemates and barracks, as well as the numerous bistros and small pubs in the twisted old town, gave the European city of Saarlouis the reputation of being the secret capital of Saarland.

Only a few kilometers away is Dillingen, the city with the "steel heart." On the one hand pulsating industrial site with one of the most modern steel mills in the world, on the other hand the scene of numerous steel sculptures of internationally renowned artists In the geographical center of the Saarland Lebach is positioned, nationally known through the annual "Green Week" with the most famous horse race in southwest Germany.

After Lorraine, the country is getting hilly. On the so-called "Saargau" runs on an endless plateau between old orchards and weathered landmarks, the border between Germany and France, but today it is rather connecting than dividing element in the Gau and border communities Rehlingen-Siersburg, Wallerfangen, Überherrn and Wadgassen The lively coexistence is lived in numerous cross-border festivals.

As a paradise for hikers, the north of the country ice is recommended. Nationally awarded hiking trails from Schmelz via Saarwellingen to Nalbach attract nature lovers to their spell and ensure a true renaissance in the most popular pastime of the Germans, who go on an exploratory tour on "Schuster's Rappen." A recreational mountain of a special kind can be found in Ensdorf, quasi in the The Waldsee in Schwalbach with the picturesque Waldbühne in the cultural center lures the shade of this heap of land.If you prefer a more contemplative visit to the Redemptorist monastery Heiligenborn in Bous, in short - there is so much to see and do that one day is certainly not enough!

Picture: Stadt Saarlouis