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Municipality Rackwitz

Rackwitz as a county borough of the district of North Saxony extends with its districts Biesen, Brodenaundorf, Kreuma, Lemsel, Podelwitz, Rackwitz, Zschortau from the northern boundary of the conurbation Leipzig to the southern border of the city Delitzsch. With two S-Bahn stops in the districts of Rackwitz and Zschortau we have ideal conditions in public transport and it is only an 8-minute drive to the vibrant city of Leipzig.

With 5000 inhabitants and almost 40 km² area Rackwitz belongs to one of the larger district communities of the district Nordsachsen. Much has evolved in Rackwitz in recent years. Kindergartens and day care centers were expanded and modernized, residential areas were developed, primary schools in Rackwitz and Zschortau were modernized and many streets were completely renovated.

The proximity to the city of Leipzig and the favorable traffic situation, new businesses settled. Commercial and industrial areas were opened up, where new and traditional commercial enterprises settled. From former mining areas, the Schladitzer and Werbeliner See have emerged in recent years. Lake Schladitzer has developed into a tourist lighthouse in the north of the Leipzig Neuseenland and offers recreation seekers numerous leisure tourism offers. A visit that's worth it. Just stop by and convince yourself of our hospitality.

The cultural side in the community is shaped by the lively club life and our libraries. We are proud of our clubs and fire brigades, which ia. attract attention through public festivals, concerts and annual Christmas markets.

Picture: Gemeinde Rackwitz