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News, facts and impressions of trucker's everyday life, which we like to share with our Trucker Team MOSOLF, all professional drivers and trucker friends.

Take care.

From the cab to the bird house

The birds in the garden should also share my passion for blue trucks with me!!

Greetings to everyone out there!

Double luck

Truckspotting is my passion. When I'm hunting for photos, I regularly spot MOSOLF trucks. Just recently I got two MOSOLF High & Heavy special transporters in front of my lens.

Many greetings to all truckers out there!



The early bird catches the worm...

...and may enjoy the sun in the afternoon.
Many greetings to my colleagues!


Greetings from the road

Today's charge.
Warm greetings to all my trucker colleagues out there.


Truck fleet asleep

Our truck fleet enjoying its "weekend sleep".
Wishing you all a good start into the new week. Enjoy the sun whenever possible!

Greetings, Stefan

Morning break

Enjoyed a little morning break at Mc Donald's.

Best wishes,

New truck

Finally here: my new Scania! :)
Have a safe trip, colleagues!


Already back

Just came back from picking up the vehicles from the event in Dubrovnik. Great tour!

Happy Easter holidays everyone

special tour from Gössnitz to Dubrovnik

Recently brought cars from Gössnitz to Croatia for an event show. Great tour and perfect weather!

Greetings from the driver's cab,
Alan, Dragan, Zoran and Radoje

Back on the road

Good morning everybody,

After two weeks of vocational school, I am back on the road again in local traffic.
Wishing everyone a nice week out there!

Greetings, Philipp

Essential and always with me!

My constant companion: a keen eye.

Drive carefully,

Your Ingo Emanuel Nielbock

Our new team mates have arrived!

A warm welcome to our three new trucks in the MOSOLF fleet.

Once the MOSOLF Logo is placed at the front and the stripes at the doors we wish you a good trip at all times. Bring our drivers safely to their destination.

Your Trucker Team MOSOLF

Loaded by colour

Even if it does not look like that - the vehicles were loaded by color. Was not possible otherwise because there were four unloading points.

Have a good week!


Brandnew truck

My new one... :)

Many greetings from Slavko

That's how it works!

Today I made good use of my trailer.

Take care,

puddle weather

Mirror, mirror on the floor...
Have a safe drive!

Greetings, Kevin

Tinkering in Antwerp

Spent some great time tinkering with beaming sunshine in Antwerp. 

Greetings to all of you, René

Quite foggy today!

Good morning, to all those who are currently on the road: have a pleasant and safe journey through this sea of fog!

Many greetings, Steffi

Great "star" moment

I'm in my 3rd year of apprenticeship. Great "star" moment in the afternoon I would say.

Best regards, Jonas


From Rastatt to Barcelona. Great tour. Arrived at night and now we are waiting to unload the cars.

Best regards, Christian and Slavko

Sunrise Saarlouis

Impressive sunrise in Saarlouis - perfect. Wish all colleagues a great start to the week.



Teck Castle - autumn atmosphere

Today greetings from the MOSOLF headquarter in Kirchheim unter Teck. As the name implies, we are located below the Teck Castle, nearby the A8 Ulm-Stuttgart. Take a close look at one of the pictures - a colleague was just driving by.
To all on the road, we wish you a safe drive. Take care.

Best regards, Gordon

"Wellness center" Kirchheim!

It's wellness time for my little one:-)

Greetings, Markus

It's weekend again!

Ready for driving home. Weekend!

To all colleagues - take care driving home and happy weekend.


Happy birthday!

For my wife, with my son's help. Forgot that women stop counting, so don't look at the number

Greetings, John

Congratulations from the team as well. Great idea and have a beautiful day. 

Nearly arranged by colour

Difficult to load the cars by colour. Once again one car had to be completely out of line. LOL.

Kind regards, Karsten

Trucker with heart

With heart and soul.

A beautiful day to all of you, Andrea

Today without trailer

Today without trailer.
Looks a bit like our race truck.

Many greetings, Karsten

Interesting facts about the Atego Race-Truck:

Engine: OM 501 LAR innovation engine V6, 4 valves per cylinder, 1,030 kW (1,400 hp)
Displacement: 12,000 cm3
Top speed: 160 km / h (electronically sealed off)
Acceleration: 0-100 km / h in less than 6 sec.
Transmission: ZF 5-HP 600, 5 gears with electronically controlled automatic, operation via rocker arm and steering wheel
Chassis: trellis frame
Weight: 4.815 kg
Year of construction: late 90s
Use: season 2001
Driver: Markus Oestreich


A great after-work photo on the grounds of SAS MOSOLF in Saarlouis.

Good weekend!


Something different

Today a different vehicle charge. At least, the gangway also has wheels.

Good time to you all out there, Holger

With colleagues in Dresden

Here are some pictures of our car transporters unloading in Dresden. Together with a few colleagues, we have delivered promotion vehicles for our customer - down to the underground car park. On the pictures you can also see the Dresden Zwinger.

Greetings from Slavko and colleagues

Good to know about the Dresden Zwinger: Situated in the heart of the Saxon state capital, the Dresden Zwinger ranks among Germany’s most well-known Baroque buildings of Germany and is, apart from the Church of Our Lady, certainly the most famous building monument in Dresden. It accommodates internationally renowned museums and is a place for staging music and theater performances. (Source:

Bremerhaven - Brexen on the ferry

With colleagues on the ferry in Bremerhaven. Was from my time driving long-distances.

Best regards to all my colleagues, Steffi

Sunrise at our Ketzin compound

Another snapshot from Slavko, sending greetings to all colleagues.


Sunset at Limburg industrial park

"I like trucking and I love my job. I've been working at MOSOLF for almost 19 years now. I enjoy being on the road and I do my job with pleasure. When you are done with your work and you are rewarded with such a beautiful sunset, that's great."



High & Heavy loaded with military conversions

On the way from Vilshofen to Zahna-Elster: Short coffee break in the best summer weather. On the trailer: Two military conversions based on Mercedes-Benz Actros 6X6.


High & Heavy in Denmark

Technology for agriculture. Five rollers for soil processing. Loaded in Denmark.
Best regards from Heiko


Good to know about the load: Trailed rollers have been designed to soil compaction and levelling, either after seeding for an optimum germination or after winter frosts. Furthermore, they reduce the soil porosity and limit evaporation in dry conditions. (Source information: Kverneland)

Trucker Team MOSOLF stickers

From Kirchheim unter Teck into the world. 3 grams, 24 cm tall. The new Trucker Team stickers arrived and are now glued to the car transporter. The position is on the driver and passenger door below the window.



"Truck and Rest" in Fischbach near Idar-Oberstein

Tenner loading Seat Ibiza, Leon und Leon ST on my Actros car transporter.

Greeting, Werner

Good to know: The parking lot for truck drivers at the autohof on the B 41 in Fischbach was opened in February 2015. The parking lot has 14 marked pitches for trucks.


Picture: Google Maps



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